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Anthony Poppe

Lawyer - Public, Constitutionnal and Administrative Law; (Social) Civil servants law; Public procurement law; Health law Lawyer Xirius

Anthony Poppe practices at the Brussels Bar and is partner at Xirius Public.

He practices constitutional and administrative law. He focuses on public procurement, health, local authorities and civil servants law.

In addition to his activities as a lawyer, he regularly teaches in commission of the association ESIMAP (center of study, services and information regarding public procurement).

He also participates regularly in symposiums as a speaker on various questions of constitutional and administrative law and he writes articles in his preferred domains.

He gives in house trainings to clients in public procurement.

He also contributes to the review “Administration Publique” (Public Administration).

He is member of the non-profit organisation « Genootschap Advocaten Publiekrecht » (Society of Public law Lawyers).

He provides his services in Dutch, French and English.

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Seminar EBP — Insurance Day

Insurance Day: Marie Vastmans (fr) and Anthony Poppe (du) give a presentation on the application of negotiated procedures in insurance tenders.


Seminar EBP — Construction Day

Marie Vastmans (fr) and Anthony Poppe (du) give a presentation on the liability of contractors and sub-contractors with some points of interest on public procurement liability.


Seminar By-Experts — The public sector and its insurances

Cyrille Dony (fr) and Anthony Poppe (du) give a presentation on the procurement procedure of an insurance tender