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Marie Vastmans

Lawyer - Health law; Public procurement law; Public, Constitutionnal and Administrative Law Lawyer Xirius

Marie Vastmans is a lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2000.

She has obtained the title of specialist in public, constitutional and administrative law from the French Order of lawyers of the Brussels Bar.

She holds a license in law, orientation public and administrative law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2000), and a diploma of specialized studies in public and administrative law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2003).

She also holds a formation in advanced European law from the College of Europe (Advanced Community Law Training Program - 2005).

Being a lawyer in Belgian administrative law in general, Marie Vastmans essentially develops her activities in the domain of public procurements (advisor in public procurement matters and litigations) and public contracts in general (concessions, PPP,…).

In her daily practice of public procurements, Marie Vastmans assists the contracting authority and the economic operators not only in the phase of conception of the public procurement but also in the attribution and execution of the public procurement of work, supplies or services. She interferes also in public procurement litigation (attribution and execution of public procurements).

Besides her activities as a lawyer, she is administrator of the a.s.b.l. ESIMAP (Center of studies, of services and information concerning public procurements) and in charge of formations in the domain of the public procurements.

Marie Vastmans is co-author of the book « The new law of public procurement in Belgium. From the article to the practice » (Ed. Larcier, 2013, 1086 pages). She also participated in the drafting of the acts of the symposium organized by the Conference of the Young Bar in collaboration with Larcier, entitled « Public procurements reform ». She is also a coeditor of the revue “Administration publique”, specialized in public, constitutional and administrative law.

She practices in French English and Dutch.


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Marie Vastmans


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