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Alexandra Vandevelde

Lawyer - Social legislation; Legal strategies; Human Resources Lawyer Xirius

Alexandra Vandevelde is a partner at Maingain, Rigaux, Gomrée since January 1st 2019.

She holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2010) and obtained a special degree in Public and Administrative Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2011.

Alexandra started her pupillage at the Brussels Bar in august 2011 in the fields of employment law and administrative law, as an associate of the barristers Bernard Maingain and Emmanuel Jacubowitz.

At the end of her pupillage she decided on specialising in employment law and on all legal matters regarding the place of the individual in the work environment.

She is also very involved in matters of transnational activities and employment.

Alexandra advises on all matters of employment law, on both national and international issues: individual and collective employment law, criminal labour law and social security law, including:

- Legal counselling and assistance with the recruitment process, the execution and termination of employment contracts, and the creation of contracts, agreements and regulations, as well as conflict prevention and management;
- Issues related to work organisation (working time, …), changes to employment conditions, work disability, employment discrimination, …;
- Legal assistance with trade union elections and corporate reorganisation and/or restructuring;
- Employment litigation: assistance with employment disputes, defending companies’ and individuals’ interests
- Assisting companies with social inspections (ONSS-RSZ) or inspections from any other official body.

Alexandra also handles numerous issues related to new income-generating activities:

- Home working;
- Variable remuneration strategies and incentives;
- Salary and income taxation issues in collaboration with the tax law team;
- Management-contract issues;
- Concurrent holding of a corporate mandate and an employment contract within the same company;
- Economic interest groupings and co-employment;
- Domestic and international corporate pension plans;
- …

As an active bilingual, Alexandra pleads in both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking courts and tribunals and counsels in both languages.

Alexandra practices in Dutch, French and English.


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