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Xirius Immo

Xirius Immo specialises in property law.

As a significant number of operators in the property sector are businessmen – property brokers, developers, estate agents, etc.– it would be unthinkable to practise this speciality without being at the leading edge of knowledge in commercial law. 

The firm therefore practises this discipline intensively. 

In particular, this involves: 

In property law:

  • Estate agency law;
  • Lease law;
  • Property sale law;
  • Building and development law;
  • The law of common ownership
  • Professional liability of operators in the property sector (brokers, managing agents, developers, etc.);
  • Real property law (servitudes, usufruct, long leases, surface rights, property leasing);
  • Law on direct property tax (income tax) and indirect property tax (VAT, registration laws, laws of succession);
  • Liens and mortgages.

In commercial law: 

  • Commercial practice;
  • The law of distribution (concessions, franchises, agencies, etc.);
  • Industrial and commercial contracts (national and international);
  • Intellectual property;
  • Consumer law.

Of course, the practice can also intervene effectively in the case of debt recovery. 

The synergy created by the Xirius association means that, with the assistance of Xirius Tax & Acquisitions, it can offer specialist advice in all aspects of property taxation

And for its part, Xirius Public handles planning and environmental law, company incorporation, expropriation, public contracts, etc.

The Xirius association is therefore in a position to offer a comprehensive and efficient service in property and commercial law in all its branches.

Ever since the Maingain, Rigaux & Gomrée firm joined the association, clients have also been able to count on very high standards of support for any labour law issues they are faced with. Moreover, Bernard Maingain is a valuable ally to have in any debate about adopting strategic corporate choices, at whatever stage of the process.

The service covers both consultation and litigation, together with the drafting and negotiation of contracts.

It can be provided in French, Dutch, English and Italian.

Xirius Immo