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Xirius Tax & Acquisitions

Xirius Tax & Acquisitions specialises in tax law.

Its activities include:

  • corporate taxes;
  • the taxation of private individuals;
  • the taxation of non-profit-making associations;
  • tax on non-resident companies and private individuals, and international tax law;
  • property tax;
  • VAT, including proceedings before the European Court of Justice;
  • the registration duties and succession taxes - Estate planing;
  • regional, provincial and municipal taxation;
  • environmental taxation;
  • relations with the different tax authorities, and particularly with the Advance Ruling Service;
  • tax litigation, from inspection to appeal
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Another string to the firm's bow is its expertise in the buying and selling of companies and intangible assets.

Thanks to the synergistic effects the Xirius association has created, together with the support of the Xirius Immo firm, clients can rely on receiving highly specialised advice about all dimensions of property law with a particular focus on the issues of estate planning and buildings for tax purposes related to property purchases (usufruct, long-term building lease, area, etc.).

The Xirius Public firm practices law in various areas including urban planning, the environment, commercial establishments, expropriation, and public procurement, … The firm's expert knowledge is much appreciated for all administrative issues involving the takeover of companies or intangible assets.

Lastly, Maingain, Rigaux & Gomrée also boasts expert knowledge complementing its buying and selling of companies and intangible assets specialities. These include the social security situation for remunerations, social security for expatriate managers, restructuring programmes, mergers and management coaching.

The languages used by the firm are French and Dutch.

Xirius Tax & Acquisitions